General McCaffrey Photo - Meet the Press


Four Star General and Former U.S. Drug Czar

“I can give my strongest and unqualified endorsement to the team of Attorneys Tom Clare and Libby Locke as a legal firm specializing in media and press and reputational issues.

They have supported me on two occasions with the utmost skill, integrity, and energy.  Basically, when they enter the dispute— the context for the issue changes immediately for the better.  Media injustice and untruth become a huge financial risk to the publication.  They are relentless and merciless in their defense.  The bottom line is that the issue immediately gets elevated to the business and legal leadership of a publication— and taken away from a press adventure that lacks honesty and documentation.

They do their homework in an exhaustive and diligent manner.  They are straight forward.  They are very aware of the costs of litigation and representation.

In subsequent years, I have continued to urge my clients to employ these two partners whenever they see a media threat not based on fact or fairness.  They always deliver the goods.  Inevitably they will force an objective look at the situation.

In 40 years in public life I have never encountered anyone whose professionalism and integrity I respected more greatly.”