CEO of nationally renowned crisis management firm, Dezenhall Resources

“The speed and venom of news — and what poses as news — is increasingly shifting the crisis management discipline away from conventional public relations and into the legal arena.  Still, many attorneys are still operating on decades-old bromides about never picking a fight with the press.

Tom Clare and Libby Locke recognize that the world has ominously changed, the responsible media referees are losing influence, and markets and reputations can shatter in an instant.  I have brought Clare Locke to the table on scores of bet-the-company engagements with results ranging from the rescue of whole enterprises to the mitigation of attacks that could have been much worse.

At my urging, Clare Locke has been an essential member of crisis management teams for large corporations and high-profile individuals alike, and serve as my own counsel on media and defamation matters.  Tom and Libby play a pivotal role in my business, my client work and are go-to confidants in situations where state-of-the art professional talent and personal trust are essential.”